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Eight years of yearbook victory for Parkway West High School

The Parkway West PAWESEHI yearbook staff earned the highest rating from Columbia Scholastic Press Association's (CSPA) annual scholastic yearbook critique.  The staff earned the "Gold Medalist" title for the 2010-2011 yearbook. This is the eight year in a row that the PAWESEHI staff has received the yearbook prestigious rating.

To help student print or online media improve their final product the CSPA offers its Medalist Critiques. Each year, student newspapers, magazines, yearbooks or online media are invited to submit issues or hyperlinks to the Association's experienced adviser-judges.

The Critique contains a written set of standards developed by the Association to itemize the best practices for student media. The adviser-judge reads the print or online publication and analyzes its strengths and weakness as described by the Critique. The judge writes out comments and makes constructive suggestions for building on current strengths and correcting deficiencies noted in the Critique. The point of the Medalist Critiques is to offer specific instruction on how to improve student work.

Katie Masucci, Editor-In-Chief and Alexandra Menz, Design Editor led the staff to such high acclaims.  The Yearbook is advised under the direction of Debra Klevens.