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Reserve Your Spot for Appreciation Evening

ap_logo_2011Parkway's annual Appreciation Evening gala will be held on Monday, May 2, at the Sheraton Lakeside Chalet in Westport Plaza. Come celebrate with this year's honorees, including Pillars, teachers of the year, retirees, employees with years of service milestones and Albert Award winners. Here are the details:

General Information:
• Monday, May 2, at the Sheraton Lakeside Chalet in Westport Plaza.
• Bars open at 5:30 p.m.; ballroom opens at 6 p.m.; dinner is at 6:30 p.m.
• Dinner cost per person is $30. Parking is free.
•  Reservations are required. All employees with a computer will receive an e-mail with the new reservation link on Thursday, March 31. Each employee will be able to enter his/her own reservation information. Or place your reservation with your building rep.
• Emcees will be Don Senti, Interim Superintendent, and Bill Senti, Northeast Middle Assistant Principal.


Reservations are required through the online reservation system at http://www.pkwy.k12.mo.us/inside/service/appreciationEve.html

If you have received a complimentary reservation or are being recognized, your name will appear in the drop down box when registering.  If you are not being recognized, simply enter your name to complete the registration process. 

Once entered, please turn in all payments and/or complimentary reservations to your building representative. Click here for a list of the building reservation coordinators (also attached).

All reservations are due by Friday, April 15.

Information for honorees with complimentary dinners have been sent to:

•Pillars of Parkway

•Teachers of the Year


•Employees with 25, 30 and 35 years of service

•Employees who serve on various Appreciation Evening-related committees

If a person is being honored in more than one category (i.e., someone who is a teacher of the year and also has been with the district for 25 years), that person will receive one additional complimentary guest reservation but not more than two total.

Questions? Please contact your building reservation coordinator.