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Revision to proposed starting/ending times for 2011-12

As previously reported, Parkway is considering lengthening the elementary school day by 20 minutes and establishing new starting/ending times for the 2011-12. You can read a story from January 18 explaining the task force's recommendations, and to see the initial proposed start/end times.

Based on community feedback, the initial proposal has been revised to allow elementary schools to start/end sooner than originally proposed. In the new proposal, all middle schools would still start/end almost an hour later which was a major component of the task force's recommendations. The start/end times for 18 of the remaining 23 schools would change by 15 minutes or less, while the start/end times for five elementary schools would change by between 20 and 50 minutes. More detailed background information, along with how Parkway schedules compare to other area districts, is posted online.

Click on the link below to see the revised schedule, which will be discussed by the school board at its March 2 meeting.