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PAYDAY NOTES from the Superintendent for all Parkway staff

August 26, 2011


Welcome to the First Edition of PAYDAY NOTES from the Superintendent.


During the 2011-2012 school year, you can expect to receive electronic communications from me on paydays.  I believe it is important and essential for me to keep all employees informed of district issues, topics, and events on a regular basis.  Receiving an update every two weeks will keep lines of communication open between my office and each Parkway employee.  This is important because each one of you is an ambassador to the larger community.


You can expect the next PAYDAY NOTES on September 9th.  


Early Impressions

I have been so pleased to be able to get into many schools and meet students, staff, and parents during the first two weeks of school.  If I haven’t made it to your school or area, I’ll be attempting to get there soon.  It has been my pleasure to see curriculum nights,  high school spirit activities, and regular school-day routines.


My impressions of staff members have been very positive.  I’ve seen great staff-student relationships, hardworking individuals, all employees relating with students, and enthusiastic, kind, and supportive employees.  I am so pleased and excited to be the Parkway superintendent.


Look for Project Parkway Brochure

All employees will be receiving a brochure of Parkway’s five-year strategic plan and goals in your mail boxes next week.  Copies will be mailed to all parents during the first two weeks of September.  We ask you to read and understand the district’s Mission, Commitments, and plans to ensure all our students are “capable, curious and confident learners who understand and respond to the challenges of an ever-changing world.”  The brochure is also available on Inside Parkway along with other information about our new mission and strategic plan.  Click here.


Annual Performance Report (APR)

Once again Parkway met 14 of 14 standards of the Annual Performance Report.  We are very proud of our students’ academic achievement and our continued growth in student performance.  Congratulations to all who directly or indirectly impact student achievement.


Late Buses

Thank you for your patience as we implement new starting and dismissal times as well as route changes this school year.  We continue to discuss how we can develop a schedule that is safe and ensures teachers and students have the maximum learning time available.


Other Communications

Look for more information coming your way, and stay abreast of Parkway’s activities and events on the district and school web pages.  If you use Twitter as a communication tool, you might be interested in following me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/Parkwaysupt.


Keith Marty