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Parkway Students Excel in High School Math Tournament

Students from Parkway's South High and Central High excelled at the annual Area High School Math Tournament.  More than 80 high school students participated in the St. Charles Community College Math Club's tournament on Saturday, March 7, at St. Charles Community College.  The event is held in cooperation with the Great Plains Math League.

Schools participating in the March 7 tournament were: Parkway Central, Parkway South, Fox, Hickman, Lindbergh, Lutheran South, Rock Bridge, St. Dominic, St. Louis Priory, St. Louis University High (SLUH), Trinity, Villa Duchesne, and Wright City.

First Place, 9th Grade: Dennis Zhu (Parkway Central, Target Round); Kyle Burkhart (Lindbergh, Sprint Round); Second Place, 9th Grade: Daniel Hwang (Rock Bridge, Target Round); Joey Pasque (St. Louis Priory, Sprint Round).  Third Place, 9th Grade: Emily Cheng (Parkway South, Target Round); Dennis Zhu (Parkway Central, Sprint Round).  Fourth Place, 9th Grade: Kyle Burkhart (Lindbergh, Target Round); Daniel Hwang (Rock Bridge, Sprint Round).  Fifth Place, 9th Grade: Yoav Gutterman (Parkway Central, Target and Sprint Round).
First Place, 10th Grade: Michael Zhao (Parkway South, Target and Sprint Round).  Second Place, 10th Grade: Bill Shi (SLUH, Target and Sprint Round).  Third Place, 10th Grade: Eric Young (Hickman, Target Round); Yolanda Meng (SLUH, Sprint Round).  Fourth Place, 10th Grade: Yolanda Meng (SLUH, Target Round); Eric Young (Hickman, Sprint Round).  Fifth Place, 10th Grade: Mark Rapisardo (SLUH, Target Round); Henry Cao (Parkway Central, Sprint Round).

First Place, 11th Grade: Stephen Garton (Rock Bridge, Target and Sprint Round). Second Place, 11th Grade: David Lee (Parkway Central, Target Round); Kefu Lu (Parkway Central, Sprint Round).  Third Place, 11th Grade: Zack Talken (St. Dominic, Target Round); David Lee (Parkway Cenral, Sprint Round). Fourth Place, 11th Grade: Billy Busch (Fox, Target Round); Daniel Zhao (Rock Bridge, Sprint Round).  Fifth Place, 11th Grade: Brent Mathis (Parkway Central, Sprint Round); Alan Hatfield (Rock Bridge, Sprint Round); Liz Godar (Villa Duchesne, Sprint Round).

First Place, 12th Grade: Dong Woo Kim (Hickman, Target Round); David Goldstein (Parkway Central, Sprint Round).  Second Place, 12th Grade: Ashok Cutkosky (Hickman, Target Round); Gina Pai (Hickman, Target Round); Ming Cheng (Hickman, Sprint Round). Third Place, 12th Grade: Dong Woo Kim (Hickman, Sprint Round). Fourth Place, 12th Grade: David Goldstein (Parkway Central, Target Round); Ashok Cutkosky (Hickman, Sprint Round). Fifth Place, 12th Grade: Boyang Xiao (Parkway Central, Target Round); Gina Pai (Hickman, Sprint Round).

Overall team test competition results for large schools: Luke Chellis, Yolanda Meng, Mark Rapisardo, and Bill Shi of SLUH, first place; David Goldstein, Yoav Gutterman, Xiang Xi Li, Boyang Xiao, and Dennis Zhu of Parkway Central, second place; Ming Cheng, Ashok Cutkosky, Dong Woo Kim, Gina Pai, Stephanie Won and Eric Young of Hickman, third place; Henry Cao, David Lee, Kefu Lu, and Brent Mathis of Parkway Central, fourth place; and Reetom Bera, Emily Cheng, Bryan Peng, and Michael Zhao of Parkway South, fifth place.