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Parkway to Go Wireless

All Parkway students and staff will have access to a secure wireless network throughout every school site for the next school year.
As Parkway adds more computers for teachers and students, it has become necessary to expand the current network capabilities.
“We need to plan for the future and think about how technology can improve student achievement. But first, they need access to the technology in a convenient and reliable way at school. Students or teachers who have a laptop will be able to walk from class to class without losing a connection. And, the network is being designed to handle a large number of users online in the same classroom or area,” said Kathy Blackmore, executive director curriculum and development.
The district will implement a wireless pilot in the winter of 2008, beginning at South High School at then Shenandoah Elementary and Northeast Middle School to refine the process and resolve any potential issues.
“When we compared adding more wired infrastructure to having wireless networks, it is more cost efficient long-term to go ahead and design all classrooms and sites to be wireless,” said Steve VanMater, director of technology.

Data switches installed will also increase security and provide for encryption of private student information, improving the entire network.
Funding for the $600,000 wireless initiative is being provided by the 2004 bond issue.
The Parkway Board of Education approved the purchase and installation of Hewlett-Packard products necessary to create a district-wide wireless environment at its October 24 meeting.