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Social Studies

5th Grade

Social Studies 5 - United States History: Pre-colonial to the Constitution (Link opens to previous resource page for Parkway Fifth Grade teachers)

Additional resources organized by unit are below.


1.  Geography

  • GeoNet:  From Houghton Mifflin, this game tests students' understanding of regional differences within the United States.

  • GeoSpy:  From National Geographic Kids, this includes a series of "spy-themed" geography games for kids.

  • Landform Regions:  From Education Place, this interactive map introduces students to various landform regions of the United States.

  • Outline Maps:  From Education Place, this site includes links to printable outline maps of the regions of the United States.

  • USA Map GamesFrom Sheppard Software, this site includes many interactive games for USA geography.  The "Landscapes" games are targeted specifically toward the regions of the country.

  • U.S. National Parks:  From National Geographic, this site includes information and photo galleries from our national parks that help to illustrate the regional differences of our country.

2.  Native Americans

3.  Discovery, Exploration and Early Settlement



4.  Colonial Period
  • Children and Youth in History:  Children in the Slave Trade:  From George Mason University this site contains some fascinating background information about the experience of children during the Middle Passage and during their first experience in America.  Perhaps too intense for 5th Grade students to read, but is a good resource for teachers.


5.  The Revolutionary War


6.  The United States Constitution
  • The Constitution for Kids:  From Constitution Net, this site provides information and resources for teaching the constitution to grades 4-7.

  • The Interactive Constitution:  From National Constitution Center, this site is a searchable version of the constitution.  Allows users to search by keyword, topic, or Supreme Court case.

  • Primary Documents in American History:  From the Library of Congress, this site includes multiple resources and avenues for exploring the consitution and related documents.

7.  JA BizTown

 8.  Citizen's in Action