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BOE Policy

                        Parkway Board of Education Policy



The Parkway Board of Education believes that assessment is integral to the learning process and should involve multiple measures and various question types from national, state, district, and classroom assessments. When properly designed, administered, and interpreted, assessment results provide a meaningful independent source of information that can be used to design appropriate educational opportunities for students, and communicate to stakeholders.

While the primary use of assessment results is to inform about decisions regarding the student’s learning progress, other types of decisions may be made that extend beyond the classroom. Assessments must be appropriately designed to meet these additional purposes. Other purposes of student assessment include:

  • Modifying/Improving instructional strategies and curriculum
  • Communicating student achievement to parents and students
  • Documenting the need for exceptional education programming
  • Reporting district-wide student achievement results to the Board of Education and the public
  • Contributing to program evaluations
  • Informing policymaking

Assessment information should assist and support, not replace teacher and administrator judgment in assessing and evaluating student achievement. Therefore, the Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, Development, Technology Integration, and Pupil Personnel Services shall ensure that appropriate staff has the knowledge and skills necessary to administer, score, interpret, design, and effectively use a variety of assessments as tools to improve student achievement. The confidentiality of student assessment data shall be maintained as outlined in District Policy JRC "Student Records - Parkway School District."

The District Student Assessment Committee, under the direction of the Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, Development, Technology, and Pupil Personnel Services shall meet once a month except December and May to review the district's testing schedule, monitor the teaching/testing time balance, review district assessment program and recommend additions, deletions, or modifications to the board of education for approval. Student assessment approved as part of the district-wide student assessment program will be paid for out of the appropriate district level budget.