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Program Evaluation

While curriculum, school, and support programs have unique goals and objectives, they all share one common goal. That goal is maximizing student achievement and success in Parkway. 

It is the responsibility of Program Evaluation to develop and deliver the instrument used for assessing the extent to which programs are accomplishing their specific, unique goals and the common goal of student achievement. The data reviewed and analyzed for such evaluations include measures of student achievement such as scores from tests and assessments; measures of student attitudes; surveys of parents, teachers, administrators, students and district graduates; measures of school-related behaviors, such as attendance, dropout and disciplinary suspension rates. Additional data, such as student or staff participation in special programs or activities, may also be considered to gauge goal attainment. 

Evaluations can identify the strengths and weaknesses of programs and also can identify which programs are more or less effective at meeting their goals. Evaluation contributes to the improvement of programs, and provides an empirical basis for administrative decisions ranging from planning priorities to funding allocations.

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