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How To Apply

Certified Staff & Teacher Assistants

Apply online at www.moreap.net

Parkway utilizes the Regional Education Applicant Placement Program (REAP) to access all teacher applications. REAP is operated through the Cooperating School Districts of St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson and Franklin counties and provides an opportunity for you to apply once for public school teaching positions in the greater St. Louis suburban area. View instructions on how to use REAP.

Bring Your Application to Our Attention

E-mail Parkway Human Resources
(or mail to Human Resources, Attention: Certified Staff/Teacher Assistants)

  • Letter of interest which should include
    • the position(s) for which you are applying
    • your full name
    • area(s) of certification
  • Professional resume

Complete Process

Mail to Parkway Human Resources, Attention: Certified Staff/Teacher Assistants

  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Copies of your transcripts (both undergraduate and graduate, if applicable)
  • Copy of your teaching certificate

District Will Review Application Information on Candidates

Staffing and enrollment will be completed by the end of February of each year. After open positions are identified, the following will occur.

  • Candidate applications will be reviewed.
  • Viable candidates for existing openings will be identified and contacted for additional screening.
  • After all screening is completed, Human Resources will send recommended candidates to school administrators for any existing openings.—Candidates should not contact school administrators.
  • Questions regarding this process should be directed to Parkway Human Resources at 314-415-8017.

Parkway School District is an equal opportunity employer

Completing the REAP application.

Go to the REAP home page at www.moreap.net.

  • Click on "Start a New Application"
  • Click on "I Agree" or "Exit Applicant's Center"
  • Complete Registration for "Teachers and Instructional Support" and follow Operating Instructions to complete application
  • Keep a record of your User Name and Password for future updates to REAP.

Important reminder for New and Returning Applicants: click "Final Submission":

  • When you have completed your application for the first time AND
  • After you have become "Active" and you complete an update to your application.