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Parkway utilizes the Regional Education Applicant Placement Program (REAP) to access all teacher applications. REAP is operated through the Cooperating School Districts of St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson and Franklin counties and provides an opportunity for you to apply once for public school teaching positions in the greater St. Louis suburban area.

Go to the REAP home page at www.moreap.net.

  • click on “Employment Center”
  • click on “Join R.E.A.P.”
  • click on “Click here to register” Read terms.
  • click on “I agree” or “Exit Applicant’s Center”
  • Complete Registration and follow Operating Instructions to complete application.
  • Keep a record of your User Name and Password for future updates to REAP.

Important reminder for New and Returning Applicants: click "Final Submission":

  • When you have completed your application for the first time AND
  • After you have become "Active" and you complete an update to your application.