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1st Grade Gifted Opportunities

Thinking Skill Development

Dudley the Detective
Convergent/ Deductive Thinking
- only one answer
- need to put together many pieces of info to find the right answer
- “I have it!”
- may need to reflect on clues, since they may not see the answer right away
- refrain from jumping to conclusions

attribute blocks
Venn diagrams

Isabel the Inventor
Divergent/Inventive Thinking

- there are many correct responses
- it is important to see things creatively
- piggy-backing is encouraged

creative thinking - elements FFOE

Sybil the Scientist
Convergent/Analytical Thinking
- no predetermined rules for classifying (use of categories)
- may be more than one correct way to sort data

Loose Laboratory Limpets
thinking about alike and different
Curiosity Caboodle
Analogy Deck

Yolanda the Yarnspinner
Divergent/ Creative Thinking

- there are many possibilities
- ideas may begin from a common “stem”, but branch in different directions
- a creative imagination helps us see many possibilities in ordinary events, situations, and objects

words, sentences, colorful phrases - word play (FFOE) - sense of humor
Radical Riddles
onomatopoeia - words that sound like noises

Max the Magician

Visual/ Spatial Perception
thinking skills do not occur in isolation; spatial perception combines various thinking skills into the activities
- shapes can be manipulated mentally, without concrete devices
- visual patterns are predictable
- eyes and brain work together to “think” about given information
- tolerance for ambiguity and perseverance are essential components for flexible, high thinking skills
patterns Max’s Mirror Dominoes
Max’s Magic Tangrams

Jordan the Judge
Evaluative Thinking

- decisions are based on valid factual considerations, not on opinions
- with many choices, criteria can help guide students to the best answer, or two or three best choices

brainstorming considerations
bug research

Fall 2008 Units:

Zoo Unit

Simple Machines

Daily Warm-ups

Mental Math

Baufix Blocks


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