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3rd Grade Gifted Curriculum Opportunities

First Trimester

Review convergent thinking using problem solving and logic elimination grids to organize clues & double matrix logic
Add analytical thinking and deductive logic in a format other than a matrix
Making our own logic puzzles - what makes a good one?
Review guidelines of divergent thinking and brainstorming and FFOE (see grade 2)
WORD WIZ, The Whatchamacallit!
Refresher - SCAMPER (see grade 2)
Mental Math
WordMaster preparation and Challenge on October 2008

Second Trimester

Using inventive and elaborative aspects of divergent thinking
Creating “Chain Reaction Contraptions” - Rube Goldberg glance
Paper Towers
Developing divergent thinking skills as students brainstorm with word webbing
Visual Thinking

• Four Color Theorem Map

• pentominoes

• analogies

web walkers

• quadrominoes
Evaluative Thinking

• developing observable, measurable criteria

• problem solving matrix

WordMasters Challenge 2nd list January 2009

Granting Dreams
due date February 2009

Famous Notables Puppet Show date TBD

Third Trimester

WordMasters Challenge 3rd list April 2009
Research Unit Creative Producers Puppet Show - May 2009
• Use of PANDA and online resources
Plants from seeds - summer experiment!
Preparation of Egg Drop contraption for May 2009


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