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First grade science is an inquiry based program consisting of four units in the areas of balance and motion, organisms, soils and weighing.

Balance and Motion

We live in a dynamic world where everthing is in motion, or so it seems.  But not everything is moving in the same way.  Some things move around and around as though rotating in a circle.  Other things move from one point to another.  Still other things are stationary, stable for a brief moment, balanced on a thin line between stop and go.  This unit emphasizes the development of observation and description skills. 


Children have a natural curiosity about both animals and plants.  But few have been asked to look at the two together, to think about how plants and animals are alike and different, and to think about themselves as organisma, too.  This unit gives children the opportunity to explore these likenesses and differences and become more aware of the diversity of life.



Children are intrigued by soil.  They turn ordinary spoons into instruments of adventure as they dig holes as big as craters in their own bacyard.  Many children inspect the soil for the treasures it yields - worms, insects, fossils, rocks.  They might grow flowers in rich garden soil or squeeze wet clay into fanciful shapes.  This unit emphasizes a deeper awareness and appreciation of soil.

Balancing & Weighing

This unit expands childrens understanding of the relationship between balance and weight as they explore activities in balancing, comparing and weighing.

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