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Huddle is a key concept at Fern Ridge.  Some students in the larger, more traditional educational settings often experience difficulty adapting to and managing their learning environment.  We decreased the size of the educational setting to roughly 100 students at Fern Ridge.  To ensure that each student has personal mentors, we devised the Huddle group. 

One faculty and one staff member are the Huddle leaders to nine or ten students. 

Huddles meet at least one a week to...

  • practice problem solving skills in hypothetical but practical simulations.
  • be updated on upcoming events.
  • touch base with their Huddle leaders.
  • compete in competitions against other Huddle groups within the school.

Role of the Huddle Leaders

  • The Huddle leaders are responsible for monitoring each of their Huddle students' academic and behavioral progress through the information given on the Responsibility Cards.
  • The Huddle leaders keep in touch with their students' teachers on a weekly basis.
  • The Huddle leaders are the liaison between home and school for the students in their Huddle.
  • The Huddle leaders can also be a special advocate for their Huddle students if necessary.


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