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Paint Color Options

In an effort to address the idea of more color in our buildings, District Administration and Facilities have adopted the following guidelines:

In addition to the traditional ‘birch white,' Facilities standard paint inventory has been  expanded to include six pastel colors. These colors include yellow, green, champagne, and several shades of blue. They are all light pastels that do not require two coats to cover and are what we consider a viable replacement for white.

Each school is scheduled for one forty-hour paint week, consisting of four ten-hour shifts. During this designated time, Parkway Facilities’ painters will paint any color the school requests and Facilities will purchase the paint. Colors that fall outside the standard inventory need to be discussed with Facilities prior to “paint week” to ensure timely delivery.

If painting is done in a school outside of the designated paint week, and if the decision is to go with a color other than our standard choices, the paint must be purchased at the school’s expense.

There are two important issues that must be considered when choosing a color outside of the standard colors we offer.

1. Bright colored paints require a minimum of two coats to adequately cover. This means it will take more time and Facilities’ paint crews will ultimately paint fewer rooms during the allocated time if bright colors are used.

2. If Parkway’s standard colors are utilized, Facilities will handle the storage. If colors other than a standard color are used, storage will be the school’s responsibility. Since all paints used are latex based products, there are no special storage restrictions; however, custodial closets and mechanical rooms will not be approved storage areas for paint supplies. Other arrangements would need to be made.

Below are samples of the district's new standard colors:


249-3 Viva Le Bleu 149-3-Sweet Dreams
 149-2 Blue Booties  306-4 Mineral Green
112-2 Banana Pudding 321-2 Champagne