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Planning & Engineering

This section contains information pertaining to the Facilities Planning and Engineering group providing information about the group organization, responsibilities, and what we can do for you.

Group Organization

Our Planning and Engineering group is composed of the following:

  • Scott Bennett, Manager, Planning/Engineering:  314.415.8231
  • Doug Stephens, Long-Range Projects Planning:  314.415.8217
  • Xiaodi Li, Project Manager (Mechanical Engineer):  314.415.8234
  • Scott Ritter, Project Manager (Architect):  314.415.8279
  • Ed Ryan, Project Manager (Electrical Engineer):  314.415.8289
  • Open Position, CAD Technician:  314.415.8276
  • Jeanie Besancenez, Contract Analyst:  314.415.8281
  • Lisa Scherer, Contract Analyst:  314.415.8237


 Long range planning of district facilities

  • Planning and design for small new construction projects
  • Soliciting, pre-planning and management of architectural and engineering design firm contracts for large new construction projects
  • Bidding and financial accounting for all construction contracts
  • Preparation and maintenance of all informational facility drawings

What We Can Do For You

  • Trouble shoot problems with your existing facilities that are not routine maintenance problems
  • Analyze space needs and usage
  • Analyze traffic circulation, parking needs, and pedestrian circulation on your campus
  • Develop concepts for your new construction projects
  • Develop detailed cost estimates for your new construction projects
  • Get your new construction projects designed, permitted, and constructed

Additional Facilities Support Staff

  • Kay Chesser, Financial Analyst/Planner:  314.415.8380
  • Eileen Dattilo, Payroll Specialist:  314.415.8233
  • Terri Vizenor, Administrative Secretary (Purchasing):  314.415.8224