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This section contains information pertaining to the Facilities Warehouse group providing information about the group's organization, responsibilities, and what we can do for you.

Group Organization

Our Warehouse group, under the direction of the Warehouse Manager, is composed of the Warehouse, Storeroom, Mail Room, Print Room, Surplus Equipment, and Food Service drivers. 

  • Greg Allen, Manager:  314.415.8201
  • Terry Stockmann, Storeroom Supervisor:  314-415-8205
  • Diane Barnes, Mail Room:  314.415.8241
  • Tim Lokey, Surplus Furniture:  314.415.6944
  • Donovan Rook, Print Room:  314.415.8240
  • Gladys Bradley, Storeroom Secretary:  314-415-8209
  • Bev Nobel, Warehouse Secretary:  314.415.8257


  • Food Service deliveries to school buildings
  • Handle, process and deliver internal and USPS mail to district buildings
  • Daily distribution and delivery of materials and supplies to district buildings and employees
  • Collect, evaluate, inventory, store, and redistribute surplus equipment
  • Annual Book Sale and Surplus Equipment Auction
  • Produce printed materials for district customers

What We Can Do For You

  • Provide quality printed material and service in-house at a fraction of the cost of outside printing
  • Insure timely delivery of materials and supplies to district buildings and employees
  • Provide timely mail handling and distribution daily
  • Save you time and money by utilizing the district's in-house bulk mailing services
  • Provide needed furniture, equipment, etc., free of charge, from the district's surplus property inventory.