Goal 6: Responsibly and efficiently allocate resources including finances, facilities, personnel and time.

Objective 1: All programs, schools, and departments will maintain fiscally responsible practices to effectively accomplish the mission.

The current status:

The chart at the right reflects significant progress made during the 2011-2012 school year. Some balance was restored between expenditures and revenue for the fiscal year 2013 budget. However, more work needs to be accomplished to ensure the long term security of the 17.3% fund balance goal.

Why the objective is important:

Although this has always been an important aspect of district decision making, it is now essential. In order to meet mission it is critical that limited resources are utilized as effectively and efficiently as possible. Current economic conditions have resulted in revenues being essentially flat from year to year while costs continue to grow. The ongoing process of evaluating and re-aligning expenditures with the district mission/vision and strategic plan will provide opportunities to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of resource allocation.

How the objective is measured:

District financial projections including two major elements, revenue-expenditure gap and fund balance goal, will provide indicators to monitor district fiscal responsibility.