Goal 5: Recruit, employ, develop and retain an exceptional staff dedicated to and representative of Parkway's diverse community.

Objective 2: All employees will be effective in their roles as measured by Parkway's evaluation models.

The current status:

At the end of the 2011-12 school year, evaluations for employees other than teachers showed that 98% were effective in their jobs (scored as either Meets or Exceeds) and 2% were ineffective..

Why the objective is important:

All employees must work at high levels of performance to support the district goal of students being capable, curious and confident.

How the objective is measured:

Evaluation instruments are completed for all operations employees in the school district on a yearly basis. Based on the evaluation categories which are appropriate to the job expectations of each employee group, employee category ratings are displayed as exemplary, effective, needs attention and ineffective.

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