Goal 3: All students are confident learners who are increasingly self-directed, skilled and persistent as learners.

Objective 3: All students will monitor and make adjustments to achieve their personal goals, including academic, health, social and civic goals.

The current status:

District action teams are working to gather research and develop the tools and processes needed to measure this objective.

Why the objective is important:

Developing, implementing and monitoring plans to achieve goals are essential skills for success in school, career and life. When students have a goal in mind, they can develop specific strategies aimed at achieving the goal. Skillfully monitoring goals allows students to reflect and adjust their plans and strategies as necessary. This practice increases the probability that a student will in fact meet his or her desired goal(s), impacting student self-confidence in a positive way.

How the objective is measured:

Our first step is to develop consistent descriptions of the characteristics that define academic, health, social, and civic goals along four levels of achievement: Expert, Proficient, Developing, and Novice. Once we have determined how to measure each component of the objective, it will be necessary to create reports that can communicate this information to parents and students. Lastly, we will determine the tool(s) for collecting evidence.