Goal 3: All students are confident learners who are increasingly self-directed, skilled and persistent as learners.

Objective 2: All students will report that they are physically and emotionally safe in Parkway.

The current status:

Based on 2011-2012 climate survey data, 61.6 % percent of elementary students and 35.8% percent of secondary school students reported always feeling safe at school.

Why the objective is important:

Based upon the Vision for Parkway Schools, we succeed when all students act out of a strong sense of personal, social, and civic responsibility. Strong character, feeling socially, emotionally, and physically safe will allow all students to learn at their highest capabilities and ensure that they have a sense of belonging. Our objective is to create and sustain the conditions in our schools for all students to become confident learners.

How the objective is measured:

The objective is measured by student surveys conducted annually in grades 4-10.. Through problem-solving, improving school climate, and intervention, our goal is to increase the number of students reporting feeling safe in Parkway to 100% by 2016.

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