Goal 3: All students are confident learners who are increasingly self-directed, skilled and persistent as learners.

Objective 1: All students will improve in their confidence, self-direction, and persistence as learners.

The current status:

The district Student Social Emotional Action Team is currently working on developing standards for social emotional learning and defining dimensions of school climate. Methods to measure and baseline should be completed by spring of 2013. Specific data-based action planning, progress monitoring, and problem solving are projected to be implemented at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school-year.

Why the objective is important:

Confidence, self-direction, and persistence are critical learner attributes required for us to accomplish our district mission. These foundational student characteristics are directly connected to, and arguably prerequisites for, capable and curious learners. With a solid foundation of confidence, self-direction and persistence our students and graduates will be armed with a strong sense of personal efficacy and well equipped to handle the challenges of an ever-changing world.

How the objective is measured:

Once the district establishes standards for social emotional learning (including confidence, self-direction, and persistence) we will determine methods to measure student performance compared to these standards. Assessment will include a combination of student performance measures and student, teacher, and parent survey data.