Goal 2: All students are curious learners who understand and respond to the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Objective 2: All students will sustain high levels of creativity and expand the capacity for divergent thinking they exhibited in their early childhood years.

The current status:

The chart displayed here demonstrates the timeline of activities occurring in preparation for measuring this objective.

Why the objective is important:

Curiosity is often described as the urge to know more and is widely believed to be the spark that ignites the learning process. Creativity can be described as the ability to produce original and unique ideas and solutions that both inspire and inform others. In order to understand and respond to the challenges of an ever-changing world, we must provide students with environments that encourage the development of both curiosity and creativity. These traits will help them to proactively seek out information about the world around them and will help them in developing multiple solutions to the problems they encounter both in and out of school.

How the objective is measured:

We have carefully identified characteristics and traits exhibited by curious and creative learners. We have also identified the conditions under which curiosity and creativity thrive in the learning environment. Through these two lenses we will create a rubric, or an agreed upon set of criteria and standards, that will be used to observe students and their learning environments. This tool will enable us to gather baseline data on the curious and creative "temperatures" of the district. As additional measurements are taken in subsequent years we will be able to monitor growth.