Goal 2: All students are curious learners who understand and respond to the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Objective 1: All students will improve their ability to develop potential solutions for relevant problems in their community and world.

The current status:

The chart displayed here demonstrates the timeline of activities occurring in preparation for measuring this objective.

Why the objective is important:

Our world is changing at an exponential rate and as a society we must teach our children the skills and processes to react to these changes. The educational system can no longer be focused on content and skills in isolation. We are in a new era today (identified as the conceptual age) and we must focus on instilling in our students a new confidence in their ability to problem solve, apply cognitive strategies and create solutions to new, often undefined, and complex problems.

How the objective is measured:

We believe that the ability to solve problems can best be measured through authentic performance tasks that integrate multiple content areas. Cornerstone assessments will allow us to systematically monitor student ability to problem solve effectively at key points in their educational career in Parkway.