Goal 1: All students are Capable Learners who transfer their prior learning to new demands, in and out of school.

Objective 5: All students will graduate and be well-prepared for their future as measured by the District graduate survey as well as career and college readiness data.

The current status:

  1. Parkway's 2012 graduation rate was 96.1%.
  2. We administer a survey to all 12th grade students during the week of graduation. A follow up survey is given to those same students 180 days later. A second follow-up survey will be administered four years after graduation.
  3. The standards measured by the ACT predictive of future student success in college and career are called the College Readiness Benchmarks. The graph display indicates that our students are exceeding Missouri and national averages in all tested content areas as measured by the percentage of students meeting or exceeding the ACT Benchmark Score. While college readiness performance is strongest in English, our students are exceeding national and state averages at the greatest rate in both math and science.

Why the objective is important:

Graduation is symbolic of a terrific achievement and accomplishment, but a diploma by itself does not guarantee future success. In order for the Parkway School District to meet its mission of ensuring that all students are capable learners who understand and respond to an ever-changing world, the district must not only ensure that all students receive a Parkway diploma but are also prepared to transfer their learning to new demands in and out of school.

How the objective is measured:

  1. High school graduation rates.
  2. Graduate survey
  3. ACT college and career readiness benchmarks