Goal 1: All students are Capable Learners who transfer their prior learning to new demands, in and out of school.

Objective 3: All students will take the ACT and achieve a composite score above the national average, with the district average composite score rising to at least 25.

The current status:

For the graduating class of 2012, Parkway's results are as follows:

  • 95.8% of graduates took the ACT.
  • 61.4% of graduates achieved a composite score at or above the national average (21).
  • The district average composite score is 23.3.

Why the objective is important:

We succeed when all of our students and graduates are fully prepared for their next educational challenges. The American College Test (ACT) is a valid and reliable measure of students' readiness in post-secondary pursuits, whether college or career. This objective reflects the commitment to prepare all students, not just those who may currently consider themselves college-bound, for success after high school.

This also provides each student, at district expense, with the opportunity to demonstrate their readiness on the ACT during the spring of the junior year.


How the objective is measured:

This objective is measured in three ways:

  1. The percentage of students taking the ACT.
  2. The percentage of students reaching a composite score of 21 or greater, the current national average.
  3. The district average composite score.