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AlertNow Text Messages/Online Retrieval Information for Parents

Want to receive important information about school closings, emergencies and school events? Please be sure to include your current phone numbers and e-mail addresses on your student’s Census Verification Form on August 17. Following are special instructions for receiving SMS text messages, retrieving messages online and other helpful information.

Text Messaging Option - Parents have the option to receive SMS text messages to their cell phones in emergency situations. To get SMS text messages, parents must “opt-in” online at https://www.alertnowsms.com. The PIN number for Parkway School District is the six-digit number 096095. Parents no longer wishing to receive SMS text messages must opt-out at the same Web site.

Online Message Retrieval - To replay or review previous AlertNow messages from Parkway, go to www.alertnowmessage.com. Enter the 10-digit phone number or e-mail address to be checked and click the “Search” button.


Caller ID will display the school's main telephone number for general school announcements. General messages will go to the student's home phone, as well as any other parent’s home phone if provided on the Census Verification Form.

For district or emergency-type messages, caller ID will display (314) 415-8500, which can be called back to hear a recording that describes the message.

Emergency calls will be directed to parents' cell and work phone numbers in addition to the home and other parent phones. SMS text messages will also be sent to parents who opt-in for this service. The text ID number displayed will be 55629.

Be sure to say “hello” when answering calls to hear the AlertNow message.

Messages in progress may be restarted from the beginning by pressing 1.

Questions about the service can be sent by e-mail to AlertNow@pkwy.k12.mo.us.