Parkway e-News Story

The 2009 MAP Challenge: Tips for Parents and Students

Our students will soon have another opportunity to shine academically! The Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) testing for elementary and middle school students will take place this year beginning March 31 through April 23.

MAP tests are required by the state to help determine students' knowledge and skills according to their grade-level expectations. Scores on the MAP tests are also widely publicized and are the main criteria used to determine how schools and the district are performing according to state and federal standards.

While MAP test scores are certainly not the only criteria for measuring student success, it is important for students to be in attendance on testing days and be well-prepared.

What can parents do to help students do their best? What are some test-taking tips for students? What does the MAP test look like? For answers to these questions and more, visit Parkway’s assessment Web site, at http://www.pkwy.k12.mo.us/CandD/studentassessment/MAPforParentSP09.htm.