Parkway e-News Story

Prop R Update: Board Approves Smaller Class Sizes at Middle and High Schools for 2008-09

At its January 16 meeting, the Parkway Board of Education approved preliminary recommendations for the 2008-09 budget. Among the recommendations was a proposal to reduce class sizes at the secondary level.*****

 In addition to increased staffing at middle and high schools, other recommendations include:

- Smart Boards & Wireless Technology: $500,000 allocated from the 2004 bond issue to kick start the Smart Board initiative. The district is using $600,000 in bond funds from this year’s budget to implement wireless technology. With 11 buildings already completed, wireless will be available in every building by August 2008.
- Middle school technology: $400,000 to support the addition of four high tech demo classrooms—one in Science, Communication Arts, Social Studies and Math—at each middle school.

 For more details, go to the News page on Parkway’s Web site at http://www.pkwy.k12.mo.us/news/stories.cfm?ID=CBF3D23D%2D1279%2D93A5%2D5DD37D41AD08D430.