Parkway e-News Story

Board Approves Balanced Budget for 2007-08

At its June 20 regular meeting, the Parkway Board of Education voted unanimously to approve a balanced budget for the 2007-08 fiscal year. *****The operating budget of $203.7 million in revenue and $201.2 million in expenditures is possible primarily because of Proposition R, the tax initiative approved by voters last year.

Before the passage of Prop R, revenues had fallen short of expenditures five times in the past seven years despite $6.5 million in annual budget cuts. "We will continue to be fiscally prudent, but I am so pleased that we can now focus most of our energies on helping students succeed rather than in trying to find more sources of revenue,” said Mark Stockwell, Parkway’s chief financial officer.

 A few items approved in the 2007-08 budget made possible by Prop R include:
  • smaller class sizes
  • new textbooks and instructional equipment
  • new and expanded technology

For more information, please visit the Parkway web site at: http://www.pkwy.k12.mo.us/finance/index.cfm