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Highcroft Welcomes Shenandoah Valley Students

Highcroft Ridge Elementary rolled out the red carpet for fifth-grade students from neighboring Shenandoah Valley Elementary after a water pipe burst at Shenandoah flooded classrooms last week.

Click here to see a video of the event.

Due to water damage at their own school, 88 Shenandoah Valley Elementary fifth-graders and their teachers temporarily transferred to Highcroft Ridge Elementary. They may stay at their adopted school from two to three weeks as Shenandoah Valley repairs the fifth-grade wing.

Lining the halls with welcome signs, Highcroft Ridge Elementary students cheered and clapped as Shenandoah Valley Elementary students arrived for their first day. "We want the fifth-grade students from Shenandoah Valley to have as smooth a transition as possible," says Highcroft Ridge Elementary Principal Aaron McPherson. "We want them to feel they have a home away from home."

Parkway teachers, administrators and employees worked together to make sure the Highcroft Ridge Elementary rooms were ready for Shenandoah Valley students to start their day.

Nine Parkway schools suffered water damage due to broken pipes during the recent sub-zero temperatures in St. Louis. But Shenandoah Valley's water damage was the most extensive, rendering the fifth-grade wing uninhabitable. Progress is currently being made to repair the fifth-grade wing as well as water damage that occurred in the cafeteria, gym, library and fourth-grade wing.

John Bettis, a Parkway grounds foreman and Steve Borawski, a Parkway school resource officer, both noticed the leak at Shenandoah Valley Elementary during the sub-zero temperatures. They alerted Parkway officials. "It was bad," recalls Borawski. "I looked at the building and saw the ceiling tiles falling and the frame falling and six inches of water."