Parkway e-News Story

A Parent's Guide to MAP Testing

The time for Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) test administration in Parkway is quickly drawing near. We'd like to make parents and guardians aware of a helpful tool that may help explain the MAP to parents in a straightforward manner. The document is entitled "A Parent's Guide to the MAP." Anyone wishing to download the document may do so by linking to the DESE website at http://www.dese.mo.gov/divimprove/assess and clicking on "Publications," then "Parent's Guide to the MAP" for a printable copy. You may also access the Practical Parenting Partnerships website at http://www.pppctr.org and click on the "Parent's Guide to the MAP" prompt. A Spanish translation of the "Parent's Guide to the MAP" is available on this site as well. For hard copies of "A Parent's Guide to the MAP" please contact the Practical Parenting Partnerships Center at (573) 761-7770. MAP testing will be conducted in Parkway schools during the month of April. Students in grades 3-8 will be tested in both math and communication arts. For high schools, students in grade 10 will be tested in math and grade 11 will be tested in communication arts.