Parkway e-News Story

Schools Set Infinite Campus Sign-Up Dates

Parents and guardians will have online access to student records through Infinite Campus on Parkway's Web site beginning this summer. Before obtaining access, parents will need to sign a user agreement and obtain an activation key in person at their student's school. A schedule of dates each school will be open for this process is now available.

Please note that photo identification will be required. Links to the Infinite Campus parent log-in page and Parent User’s Guide are posted on each school’s Web site and the Parkway Web site. Please call individual schools with any questions regarding their schedules. 

Click here for a schedule of dates to visit schools and receive an Infinite Campus activation key.  Starting August 17, parents can sign up on any school day.

High school and middle school students will also have access and will receive their activation keys during the first few weeks of the 2009-10 school year. This process will be determined and communicated by the schools after school starts.