Parkway e-News Story

New Leaders in Parkway

The following leaders have been selected to serve our students and community in new roles this year.

Please help us welcome them for the 2014-15 school year!

(Pictured top to bottom, left to right)

New Principals

Anne Miller, Principal, West Middle
Joe Hawkinson, Principal, Pierremont
Kathy Fisher, Principal, Sorrento Springs

New Assistant Principals/Administrative Interns
Allison Love, Assistant Principal, West Middle
Cartelia Lucas, Administrative Intern, Highcroft Ridge
Dan Tripp, Administrative Intern, Green Trails
Kate Piffel, Assistant Principal, West High
Kiara Lackey, Administrative Intern, Pierremont
Luke Dix, Assistant Principal, McKelvey (not pictured)
Patrick Wallace, Administrative Intern, Mason Ridge

Early Childhood Center Leaders
Christine Meyerott, Administrative Intern at Early Childhood (not pictured)
Lisa Moldafsky, Coordinator of Parents as Teachers
Margaret Donnelly, Preschool Coordinator

District Leaders
Amy Joyce, Human Resources Director
Brian Whittle, Finance Director
Mike Roth, District Athletic Director
Patty Bedborough, Chief Financial Officer
Jeff Lackey, Fine Arts Coordinator