Parkway e-News Story

Green Cleaning Award for Parkway

Move over, Mr. Clean. The Parkway custodial staff has just left you in the dust. Thanks to Parkway leaders and the custodial staff, Parkway recently earned an award for “green cleaning.” Gone are bleach and most standard cleaning products. Parkway custodians have even moved to a water-only cleaning process in some instances. They vacuum at night to mitigate any potential dust issues. They use special filters for vacuums. All of us can breathe easier because of their efforts.

Parkway has realized at least a 10% savings from cleaning chemicals alone, says Erik Lueders, sustainability and purchasing manager, who advocates for and supports the new green cleaning procedures with direction from Parkway leaders and custodial supervisors Orlando Lewis, Darin Varble and Maggie Wells.

In addition to the procedures already mentioned, herewith other green cleaning practices.

• With daily surface cleaning, custodians use split microfiber and water instead of an all-purpose cleaner in some instances. This picks up any soil very effectively.
• When cleaners are used, they are mostly Green Seal certified.
• More floor cleaning equipment uses metered amounts of cold water and pads to effectively clean, limiting the amount of cleaning product.
• Dual buckets are used with floor mops—one bucket for clean water, another for dirty water. This helps keep the floor mopping process clean and keeps cross contamination to a minimum.
• More than 175 vacuums are being adapted with HEPA filter kits to create an even healthier environment.

“Here at Parkway we understand that students are more susceptible to respiratory ailments and we take it very seriously and understand the impacts that dust and chemicals can have on their breathing,” says Lueders. “The new procedures have created marked health improvements where custodians no longer are required to use rubber gloves and masks for cleaning.”