Parkway e-News Story

Parents Report Additional Student Information per Federal Law

Every year, students bring home a Census Verification Form the first day of school for their parents to update important information. Please note there are some changes to the form this year which require every parent’s close attention and action. Every student must return this form with updates on August 18, the second day of school.

The federal government has changed student race and ethnicity categories to provide a more accurate picture of U.S. schools’ ethnic and racial diversity. It will enable individuals to report ethnic and multiple racial classifications.

All parents will have the opportunity to identify their children’s ethnicity as Hispanic/Latino or not Hispanic/Latino and race(s) as American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, or White.

It is very important that parents read the instructions on each student’s Census Verification Form carefully, update it, sign it and send it back to school on Wednesday, August 18.