Parkway e-News Story

Six Flags Deals!

“Parkway at the Park” will be Sunday, April 26, from 10:30 a.m.-6 p.m. This event is sponsored by the Parkway Alumni Association to benefit programs for Parkway students and staff. 

You must purchase your one-day ticket in advance to get into the Park for this private event. The cost is $26 per person. On April 26 only, you may upgrade your ticket to a 2009 Season Pass for an additional $29.99, plus tax, while at the Park. THIS IS THE LOWEST 2009 SEASON PASS PRICE AVAILABLE! Children ages 2 and under are free of charge and parking will be free for this event.

Anyone who purchased a 2009 Season Pass on Parkway Day in November 2008 may attend this event free of charge, but must pre-register by calling (314) 415-8074 by April 23 and giving the names of those attending and an address to which a parking pass for the event may be sent.

Those who purchased a 2009 Season Pass through another outlet may attend this fundraising event for a $5 donation per person and can register in advance. Call (314) 415-8074 for a free parking pass and enter through the “Parkway” gate.

For information on how to purchase tickets, go to www.parkwayalumni.org.

NOTE: A minimum of 4,500 tickets must be sold by April 10 for all-day exclusivity.