Parkway e-News Story

How to Host Foreign Exchange Students

Each spring several foreign exchange programs seek homes in which to place international students so that the student may attend an American high school. Parkway high schools normally accept eight students per high school each year. If you are a Parkway parent and are interested in hosting an international student for a semester or full year, and are contacted by an agency, please check with your high school principal before committing to host a student. Although most exchange programs are reputable, from time to time a less reputable program appears. In order to protect both the host family and the student, each year Parkway high school principals meet to recommend those organizations from which students will be accepted. For the 2007-2008 school year, the list includes: - American Field Service Intercultural Program (AFS) - AYUSA Global Youth Exchange - Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) - Educational Foundation for Foreign Study (EF) - Pacific Intercultural Exchange - Quest International and Cultural Academic Student Exchange - United Studies Student Exchange - American Councils for International Education - STS Foundation - Missouri 4-H Youth Development - Educational Resource Development Trust (ERDT) If you have questions, contact your high school principal or the district coordinator of foreign languages at (314) 415-7050.