Parkway e-News Story

Parkway & Rockwood Approve Partnership

The Rockwood and Parkway School Districts made history at a joint Board of Education meeting on Sept. 19. The Boards established a ten-year community education partnership beginning next school year.

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The approval came after nearly 18 months of discussion and research that included community workshops and a complete review of the financial and human resources components of this extended programming.

During Thursday’s vote, the Parkway and Rockwood School Boards noted that a combined Community Education program could better serve the interests of both districts and patrons. The following benefits were noted:

--A partnership builds upon both districts’ existing advantages, such as location, convenience, quality and affordability with a focus on student/patron safety.

--A partnership offers a broader scope of programs/services for patrons than can be achieved through maintaining separate programs.

--A combined resident base of 250,000+ would provide capacity needed to sustain programs for long-term as both district’s enrollments and demographics continue to change in coming years.

 “We appreciate the foresight of the Boards of Education from both districts in approving the partnership. We believe this can become a national model for Community Education and set an example of what can be achieved when large school districts proactively work together,” noted Superintendent Keith Marty.