Parkway e-News Story

Parkway Maintains Highest AAA Bond Rating

Standard & Poor’s Rating Services recently reviewed the district’s finances and reaffirmed our AAA bond rating—the highest available for school districts. Parkway is one of only four school districts in Missouri to receive the AAA rating.

The ratings reflect S & P's evaluation in several areas:

  • Participation in the St. Louis regional economy;
  • Very strong income and extremely strong market value per capita levels;
  • Strong financial position, supported with strong reserves and levy flexibility; and
  • Low debt levels.

The AAA rating allows the district to receive lower interest rates, which has real benefits to taxpayers. Standard & Poor’s had one word of caution in its analysisthat “continued draws on the general fund balance that would cause a weakened financial position, could present downward rating pressure.” However, their outlook for Parkway’s financial future is generally stable.