Parkway e-News Story

Tornado Warning Procedures

The spring storm season is upon us and the possibility of tornadoes and strong storms in our area is likely.  This is a good time to remind you of the safety procedures in place when a tornado warning has been issued by the National Weather Service. 

Transportation Procedures

  • Before school: In the event a tornado warning is issued prior to the start of the school day, school buses will be held at the bus garage. The start of school day will be delayed until the tornado warning is lifted. 
  • After school: Students will not be dismissed from school while the area is under a tornado warning. Even though it may be the end of the school day, students will be held at school and buses will not be allowed to transport students until the tornado warning has been lifted. 
  • Buses in route: In the event a warning is issued in our area while school bus drivers are already on their route, either before or after school, buses will proceed to the nearest school or building and drivers will take the students inside. Drivers and students will remain at the location until the warning is lifted.

Communication Procedures

Parents will be notified via the automatic notification system of any changes in transportation, as well as school delays, associated with shelter-in-place during a tornado warning.

School Procedures

When a tornado warning is issued, a tornado alarm/alert is broadcast at the school. Teachers and students move to their designated shelter areas within the school. This action may delay the starting and ending of the school day. As you know, our schools conduct tornado drills with students to ensure they are aware of the procedures to follow. We want our students to have practiced these safety requirements in case of a weather-related emergency.

If you have any questions regarding Parkway’s procedures during a tornado warning, please contact your school principal.