Parkway e-News Story

From the Superintendent: Parkway to Trim Budget in 2012-13

Although Parkway continues to be in strong financial shape, our schools are not immune to the challenges of declining revenues in a tough economy.

Since 2007, Parkway's operating revenues have decreased steadily and future growth is expected to be minimal. Over the same period, our schools have worked hard to keep costs down and expenses have only grown by 2.8 percent annually. But the realities of our economy challenge us to do more.

In order to have a balanced budget, Parkway will need to reduce operating expenditures by approximately 3 to 5 percent over the next two years. A team of administrators is developing possible budget reductions to begin implementing next year. This proactive strategy will help ensure Parkway continues on a sound financial path for success in support of our 2011-16 strategic plan.

Watch for updates in January as I will be making specific recommendations to the school board for review.