Parkway e-News Story

Nov. Election Ballot Issues, Candidates Online

Want a sample ballot? Need to register or vote absentee? Looking for information about Parkway's zero-tax-rate-increase bond issue? Here are several Web sites that will help you prepare for the Nov. 4 elections:*****

-- www.stlouisco.com/elections/ for polling places, sample ballots, registration, absentee voting (Deadline to register is Oct. 8.)
-- ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/Missouri_2008_ballot_measures for an explanation of statewide ballot issues from Ballotpedia, a free, collaborative, online encyclopedia
-- www.mobar.org/data/judges08/index.htm for Missouri Bar Association’s recommendations on retaining judges
-- www.pkwy.k12.mo.us/bond08 for info on Prop S, Parkway’s zero-tax-rate-increase bond issue, including a video explaining what a bond issue is and how it works. Simply scroll down to the blue square and click on the triangle in the lower left corner to play the video.