Parkway e-News Story

Will Snow Days Affect Last Day of School?

With the three recent snow days, and the forecast for another winter storm, many have asked whether the last day of school will change this year. The answer is *****"not necessarily."

The Parkway calendar, posted at     http://www.pkwy.k12.mo.us/calendar/districtCalendar0708.pdf,   has three snow days already built into it, as well as additional inclement weather make-up days that could be taken prior to the end of the school year. As of today, the last day of school is still tentatively set for May 23.

If school is called off again, however, adjustments to the calendar will be required, either through make-up days and/or extension of the last day of school.

As soon as any decision requiring make-up days or extending the school year is made, an e-mail message will be sent promptly to all parents and information will be posted on the Parkway Web site.  A final decision on the last day of school will be made no later than May 1.