Parkway e-News Story

Parkway Plans for Hwy. 40 Closure

When students return to classes on Monday, Jan. 7 and commuters return from holiday vacations, it's anyone's guess as to how the closure of I-64/40 could impact our students. Parkway's transportation department has been running some test bus routes since Jan. 2 and found no major problems thus far. However, they want you to have some helpful information--just in case.*****

While some areas may be more congested than others, it will take some time to determine where and how long to expect delays. Therefore, schedule changes--if any are needed--will not be made for the first few weeks. 

Tips for parents in the meantime:

  • Ease traffic and congestion by sending children on the bus--don't drive them to/from school.
  • Expect some minor delays, but if the bus is more than 15 minutes later than usual, contact the Parkway transportation department at (314) 415-8409 or (314) 415-8403. 
  • Please be sure your child's school has current home, work and/or cell phone numbers for you.  It is possible you will receive a recorded message through AlertNow if your child's bus is delayed extensively or if there are changes to pick-up and drop-off times.
  • Bookmark helpful Web sites such as www.gatewayguide.com and www.thenewi64.org, or call 511 for traffic updates.