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Parkway Board Votes to Continue Voluntary Student Transfer (VST) Program

Calvin Johnson, 2007 Central High graduate - "My four years at Central have been the best four years of my life."
The Parkway Board of Education recently voted to continue the Voluntary Student Transfer (VST) program in the district. The board also voted to limit new enrollment in the program. Beginning in fall 2008, Parkway will enroll new VST students in kindergarten and first grade only. But students already in the program will have the option to remain in Parkway through graduation.*****

 “Our strategy is based on past experience, which shows that students do best when they enroll in their early years and continue their education in Parkway,” said Superintendent Robert Malito.

 The VST program is separate from the issue of allowing city students to transfer to county schools due to the recent loss of accreditation by St. Louis Public Schools. Loss of accreditation makes every school-age child living in the city eligible to apply for a seat in a nearby district. But state law does not require other districts to accept those students.

The board voted not to accept students from the St. Louis Public Schools following that district’s loss of accreditation June 15. With this decision, Parkway joins many other country districts in honoring the St. Louis Public Schools’ request not to enroll their students. An equally significant factor in the decision was the board’s commitment to maintain smaller class sizes as promised to voters with the passage of Proposition R.