Parkway e-News Story

Parkway Board Approves Additional Security Cameras on Buses

While a limited number of Parkway buses have had security cameras on board since 1980, the Parkway Board of Education recently approved funding for additional cameras to be installed on all school buses. The project will begin this fall and be completed within 2-3 years. The plan will include two digital cameras placed in the front and the rear of the buses to ensure sufficient monitoring of the entire bus. For the last three years, new buses have been purchased with digital video recording systems. There are two digital cameras permanently mounted in the front and back of every bus. Currently 20 in the fleet of 148 buses have such video cameras. Instances of bullying and student-on-student violence continue to be one of the highest concerns for parents, school administrators and pupil transportation providers. The new cameras will serve as both a deterrent to prevent students from misbehaving as well as an effective tool for investigating incidents after they have occurred. The cost of the project is $132,217. Funding will come from the transportation departments operating budget and 2004 bond issue funds.