Parkway e-News Story

Thirteen Percent of Missouri's National Merit Semifinalists Hail from Parkway

Forty-three Parkway students have been named National Merit Semifinalists this year, which is the highest number in recent years and the most of any school district in the state. Of the 331 Missouri students selected as National Merit Semifinalists this year, 43 hailed from Parkway. While Parkway's student population represents less than one percent of the state's total, it represents 13 percent of the state's National Merit Semifinalists. Following are the Parkway semifinalists: Central High: Jennifer Cahill, Sean Gallagher, Zachary Gallagher, David Gao, Shaobo Gu, Emmeline Kuo, Anatoliy Kuznetsov, Lauren Schlosser, Jessica Scully, Eliana Turner and Ryan Wang. North High: Katherine Gaertner, Adee Heiman, Lindsay Keller, Eva Pearlstone and David Witzling. South High: Jonathan Gunasingham, Linda Holyoke, Mariam Nawas, Christopher Park, Pengcheng Wang, Margaret Williams, Jing Xue and Cissy Yang. West High: Emily Flynn, Angela Gao, Layla Hazemi, Mir Inaamullah, Katherine Kaiser, Stephen Koblin, Ram Kollipara, Haoran Li, Singer Ma, Brian Pownall, Nandan Prasad, Andrew Schneider, Christine Tiffin, Connie Tsai, Lucy Wang, Frank Xing, Sherry Yan, Tiffany Yang and Louis Zhang. The National Merit Scholarship program is an annual academic competition, which identifies seniors who represent the top of their graduating class. This is measured by their performance on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT), which measures the likelihood of success in college. Of the 14 million juniors who take the PSAT, only 16,000 advance to the semifinalist category.