Parkway e-News Story

Parkway Schools Select Their 2013 Teachers of the Year

Congratulations to the following educators who have been selected by their peers as Teachers of the Year for their schools in 2013! The Teacher of the Year Selection Committee (see below) will now select one elementary, middle school, high school and district teacher of the year.

All teachers of the year will be honored at the March 13 board of education meeting and at Appreciation Evening on April 22.

School Teacher
 Barretts  Kate Sinnokrak
 Bellerive  Julia Biderman
 Carman Trails  Diandra Maguire
 Claymont  Becky Meier
 Craig  Sam Skibbe
 Green Trails  Janie Scully
 Hanna Woods  Sherry Kirk
 Henry  Julie Herrmann
 Highcroft Ridge  Maureen Sioumcas
 Mason Ridge  Caitlin Phelan
 McKelvey  Brigitte Barnhart
 Oak Brook  Ellen Havey
 Pierremont  Lindsey Griffith
 River Bend  Chris Flaton
 Ross  Debbie Webber
 Shenandoah Valley

 Lisa Conway

 Sorrento Springs  Mindy Grossmann
 Wren Hollow  Samantha Stout
 Middle Schools  
 Central Middle  Moira McCracken
 Northeast Middle  Carrie Shaughnessy
 South Middle  Joel Rademeyer
 Southwest Middle  Shannon Burger
 West Middle  Kristin Ruzicka
 High Schools  
 Central High  Julie Pepper
 Fern Ridge High  Lindsay Wehmer
 North High  Jill Morey
 South HIgh  Michael (Mike) Hachmeister
 West High  Patrick Mooney

Members of the Teacher of the Year Selection Committee, who are all former teachers of the year, include: Mimi Barrow, Sorrento Springs; Russ Barton, North High; Drew Davis, Southwest Middle; Scott Degitz, South High; Cheryl Devaney, Pierremont; Lana Fite, Ross; Ruth Knop, West High; Allison Love, Sorrento Springs; Scott Nilsen, North High; Stephanie Reinhardt, Southwest Middle; Jill Reiniger, Southwest Middle; Debbie Schatteman, River Bend; and Jan Shayne, Oak Brook.